Nodes as ports

Hello graphviz users,

Im searching for a possibility to draw input and output-ports but i cant find any solution for it. I hope you have a better idea. It should look like the draft in the link:

The example shows two Input nodes and three Output nodes.

I would be thankful if someone can show me a way to solve it.

Best regards!!!


The dot language does support

The dot language does support node ports using either port names or compass points. For example,

     abc:s -> def:n

It also supports orthogonal routing, but not yet using node ports. For this type of drawing, you would need to add artificial nodes and additional constraints.

graph {
  node [color=blue style=filled label="" fillcolor="white:blue" gradientangle=270]
  edge [penwidth=2 color=blue]
  a b c d e
  node [shape=point width=0]
  {rank=same d1 -- d2}
  {rank=same d9 -- d8}
  d1 -- d3 -- a -- d5 -- b -- d7 -- d9 [weight=1000]
  d2 -- c -- d4 -- d -- d6 -- e -- d8 [weight=1000]


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