Nodes with many relationships make very wide graph

My difficulty is that I'm trying to render a fairly readable graph in cases where nodes and relationships between nodes are stored by users in a database, so I need an auto layout that works in a broad range of use cases.

If I have 1 node related to say 20 other nodes, the chosen layout ranks all 20 nodes at the same level. The result is a very wide graph and edges that overlap each other severely (see attached).

In this instance, there may be more optimal layouts where the nodes could be positioned vertically instead of horizontally. Or possibly where sets of nodes could each be on their own level. Can this be done?

graphvis help.png141.63 KB

Did you try other layout

Did you try other layout engines besides "dot" layout enigne?
neato, circo, twopi, ... may geneate better layouts, you can play with in your browser here:

Can you attach or copy in sample graph description here?


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