Node ordering question

Our software uses dot.exe to visualize a certain graph. See the attached text file for a simple sample. We would like nodes to be sorted alphabetically. How can get this working? Thanks!

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What do you mean by

What do you mean by alphabetically? They are alphabetically sorted in the columns. What is it you want that is different?


Most likely, I should have been more clear what I mean. See the test.jpg file attached to the original message. The left column is ordered nicely. (The number at the end, 005->036). The right one is in reverse order (019->001)

A side-effect of the code is

A side-effect of the code is that nodes tend to be drawn left-to-right (or top-to-bottom) in the order they appear in the input. Another artifact is that when rankdir=LR, the order of nodes in a cluster get reversed. So, just reverse the order of the nodes in the cluster to get what you want. Keep in mind, though, that these are side-effects and can't necessarily be relied on if the graph becomes more complex. To guarantee ordering you would need to use invisible edges, or the ordering attribute

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