New online graphViz generation service

Hello all,

I've just today created and launched an online service that will automatically convert HTML graphviz definitions into tags directly on a web-page. It does this using a javascript file and simple, open-source web-server. - the (basic) documentation - a brief blog entry explaining why I created this service


Broken: gviz.js missing

For anybody that may be interested in this, it's broken and doesn't work.

This description here was intriguiging and the site itself looked clean and professional, so I had high hopes that it worked.  However, it does not.  When the page loads, it tries to load gziv.js, which fails.  The URL it's trying to use is:

The first clue that it was broken is that the "Create HTML and render graph" button does create HTML, but no graph is rendered.

Very disappointing.

I've added in a wee source

I've added in a wee source generation tool so people can have a fiddle "live" :-)

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