New GVEdit released

We finally released the QT version of GVEdit for Windows(as of 2011.3.15) which should address most of the gvedit related bugs that have been piling up for a while. The new GVedit is designed to be OS independent and will be included in *nix and Mac releases as well. Those who don't know about GVEdit may have a look at its help page at Some of the highlights of new GVEdit -UTF-8 support -File size limitations are gone -Doesn't depend on shell calls to create graphs. Uses Graphviz as a library -Temporary file creation issues are fixed -Attributes, layouts and renderers are loaded dynamically. There is no need to change GVedit code to support additions to them. -Previews are loaded from graphs' original output if they are in QT supported graphics format. Otherwise jpg output is created and showed. Please do not hesitate to test it as vigorously as you wish.

it's best to develop GVEdit

it's best to develop GVEdit for linux.

can't download

can't download

What can't you download? If

What can't you download? If you are referring to gvEdit, it comes with the Graphviz package.


Whats up with the link to ??? Is the source code available to compile gvedit on mac or not?


I have no idea what this link

I have no idea what this link is, nor can I access it to find out. As for gvedit, the source comes with the Graphviz source package, and it compiles on the Mac assuming Qt is installed.

i'd like linux edition

it's best to develop GVEdit for linux.

*nix Distro?

When will this be available for the Linux Distros?
Or, if it is there, where/what is the image name on disk?
Just grabbed the latest nightly, no gvedit...

Download GVEdit

We I can download QT version of GVEdit  ?

Download GVEdit

you can download and install the latest development snapshot to use it.

and the URL is...

Where is the source code repository?


yes, i want to download GVEdit

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