need help to create .dot file using graphviz


1. Can I generate .dot file at runtime?
If yes, pls. guide or give sample code or references.

2. If I need to change the background color of node, "filled" property to different color depending on data to be set, is it possible?
In faqs, its saying feature is not available but the library version referred is old. 1.1.x.


1) I don't understand this

1) I don't understand this question. Whose runtime? Who do you want to generate a .dot file? In the simplest case, if you run a layout program such as dot without a -T flag, the output will be in .dot format. But except for gvgen, Graphviz doesn't provide any tools that generate .dot files. It assumes you provide the .dot file as input, created either by hand or some other tool.

2) It has been possible for long time in Graphviz, but again, it sounds like you are discussing some different tool. Please provide more context.

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