Neato vs graphviz

I can't find the difference between Neato and Graphviz.
If I download and install Graphviz, does that include Neato?
I installed a product that needs Neato. I installed Graphviz. But the requesting software seems to be looking for a neato directory. I can't find a download for Neato. If i need a secret club ring, please let me know where to buy one. Oh, the pains of boutique tech products that spray confusion in the air.

Graphviz is the name of the

Graphviz is the name of the entire software package. Neato is the name of one of the layout programs that comes with Graphviz. When you install Graphviz, you will have specified a bin directory into which will go all of the various programs, including neato. I can only assume that the product's request for a neato directory is just for the name of the bin directory containing neato.

The roadmap at gives an overview of the layout programs contained in Graphviz.

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