Neato mode: node initialization problem

 I'm having a problem integrating my code with GraphViz. Namely, I want to

provide my method as a mode to neato, but I'm notsure how to achieve that. After the graph has been read, and the layoutcomputed, I try to assing the positions back to ND_pos(n) for each node n. This might be done with proper node initialization after the graphhas been read. It is suggested to callneato_init_node() for each node and common_init_edge() for each edge, butwhen I include "neato.h" in my header, the message is "No such file or directory". How could I allow for the initializationfunctions to be properly called? Thanks.

Neato mode: node

It is unclear what you are trying to do: make a plugin, add a feature to neato, or use Graphviz to do the rendering. To answer your specific question, to access neato.h, tell your compiler to look in $ROOT/lib/neatogen for include files, where $ROOT is the root directory where you have installed the Graphviz source tree. Or you can just supply declarations for the two init functions explicitly in your code.