Neato in FreeBSD, PDF file all white

map.gv 3500 lines, 167KiB
% neato -Tpdf -Gratio=auto -Ecolor=black -Ncolor=black -Goverlap=false map.gv -O
wait 5 min...
pdf, 537KiB white sheet, all shapes and nodes white color in white sheet О_о
If map.gv it is small it's ok.

Neato in FreeBSD, PDF file

As to the 5 minute wait, neato is a quadratic time algorithm. You don't want to run it on largish graphs unless you are prepared to wait. As for the white sheet, I can only guess without more information, but if you are using an older version of Graphviz, setting overlap=false used a Voronoi diagram-based algorithm which can cause an explosion in size on a large graph. Try running the layout with -Goverlap=prism -Gsize=10. If you still have problems, consider submitting a bug report so we can take a look at your graph in detail.

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