neato “failure to create cairo surface”

I am receiving this error:

>neato -Tgif -o house2.gif -Tdot -o
neato: failure to create cairo surface: out of memory

>neato -V
neato - graphviz version 2.30.1 (20130214.1330)

I have lots of memory - about 5Gigs free

Here is

graph g {
node [shape=box]
north [ pos = "286.0,370.0!" ];
Vestibulo -- Escalera
Sala -- Vestibulo
Comedor -- Sala
CocServ -- Comedor
DormP -- BanoP
DormH -- Bano
Sala -- Bano
Sala -- DormP
CocServ -- north

If I unpin the 'north' node then neato completes without error - but North is not located where I want it.

house.txt224 bytes

There are two features

There are two features interacting to cause the problem. If you adjust either one, the problem goes away. First, input positions in neato are in inches, not points (unless you use neato -n). Second, neato, by default, uses stress majorization to derive the layout. For unconstrained nodes, this works best, but with pinned nodes, it doesn't work as well. The result is the final drawing is 22 feet by 28 feet, which is far too large for a gif file.

To solve the problem, you can scale down your position for north (or use the -s flag), or switch to Kamada-Kawai mode (-Gmode=KK).

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