Multiple Nodes Within Major Node

Hello Everyone,

New to Graphviz community but i do rather love the software.
My goal is to accomplish three major circular nodes that can be labeled(name).
Within the major nodes i would like to fit 3-5 minor cicular nodes with names.
Lastly i would like the nodes to be able to have lines drawn between any combination of two nodes with a numerical value somewhere on the line.

I would greatly appreciate some help as i am new and still learning.


None of the Graphviz layout

None of the Graphviz layout programs are set up to handle nodes containing nodes. You can arrange to have nodes within a cluster, but clusters are drawn as rectangles. Also, do you have any specifications concern the global layout? Should it be hierarchical, symmetric, radial, etc.?

If you want to do the positioning yourself, you can certainly specify circular nodes overlaid with circular nodes, and then use Graphviz to add the edges and do the rendering. Alternatively, you could use clusters containing nodes, use Graphviz to do the layout, then postprocess the graph to replace the rectangles with circles and finally render it.

To put a numerical value on an edge, just use edge labels.

  a -> b [label=54]


You haven't specified what

You haven't specified what type of node layout you want, beyond putting some circles within circles?

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