Moritz a tool to generate nassi shneiderman and UML like activity diagrams

Hello Everybody.

I wish you a happy new year.

I hope you will understand this not as a kind of spam since I present my own project. But since it is indirectly using Dot via Doxygen I hope you allow me this post. Please don't hesitate to complain if you don't agree.

Since some years I'm providing Moritz a tool to generate source diagrams. First Moritz started with html-based nassi shneiderman diagrams and since last year dot-based UML like activity diagrams are available also. My tool comes along with an own source-parser (abc2xml) and is currently usable for the programming languages c/cpp, python, pascal and matlab. The parsing-result is an xml parser tree that can be transferred by the generator (xml2abc) into diverse scripts. One of the output-format is the dot-language and the created dot-files describe activity charts which you may know from UML.

I have posted today a new snapshot for windows and linux. For other operation-systems the source-code is provided and the both binaries abc2xml and xml2abc should be usable with the linux distribution then.

Please take a look at:

Here you will find a windows-distribution and one for linux (build with Ubuntu 14.04 for a 32bit system). Furthermore a the sources for the two binaries abc2xml and xml2abc.

New is a sub folder in this snapshot with some tutorials:
1. An introduction that explains a basic source example and the set up of the used tools.
2. A nassi shneiderman diagram example that shows how to create them and hoe to use them with doxygen.
3. A UML like activity diagram example that shows how to create them and hoe to use them with doxygen.

It would be kind if you would find the time to test it and please post a comment in the forum from Moritz.

Best regards,
Eckard Klotz.

If you want, we can also put

If you want, we can also put a link to this on the Resources page:

Thanks for your positive reply


Thanks for your positive reply.

If you think that my project is good enough to be listed it would be an honour for me. I would suggest the section "Programming and Software Engineering Tools Using Graphviz" since you listed doxygen there too.

To be honest, I never visited this sub-page of your website before. And when I asked me, if it makes sense to send you an example diagram for your gallery, I thought compared to the already there existing they may be not very exciting. So I wonder if it may be better to introduce my project first.

Best regards,

                       Eckard Klotz.

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