Missing node and edge text label display of label in rendered graph

Hi, I'm developing an application using graphviz to render a 'state' graph. The rendered graph contains some text labels on nodes and edges. Graphviz library is using fontconfig. On rendering and displaying a graph on the development machine text labels and edge labels are displayed correctly. Releasing the application I installed all dlls contained in the graphviz bin path in the same directory as the installed application. File config6 is automatically generated on installation. Now generating and displaying the same graph on the release machine displays the graph but with no displayable text label. The used font is 'arial' Installing 'etc' directory into the applications installation directory does not change the behaviour. Any idea what I'm missing.

The operation system on the installation system is Windows XP Professional, service pack 3


Found following solution:

For my installation included 'etc\pango and 'pango-basic-win32.dll'.

Changed pango.modules to point to the application's installation directory.


thanks for the help

If you just run dot

If you just run dot stand-alone on the release machine, does it work? 

thanks, runnig dot found missing file

Hi erg,

thanks for the hint.

Executing dot I found file 'pango-basic-win32.dll' from '..\lib\pango\1.6.0\modules' was missing.

Also 'etc\pango' content is needed.

Problem now:

Have to install pango dlls in same directory path, relative to application installation path, as on graphviz installation.

Any way to change this path?

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