Minor quibble

Hi There,

I have just started using subgraphs and compound graphs
in our framework that relies on dot to layout. Lots of fun.

We continue to enjoy using dot.

Anyway I have attached a dot file as cbug.txt. When
laid out with the latest

dot - graphviz version 2.39.20140729.0445 (20140729.0445)

The arrow towards the subgraph looks a bit sad.

I would attach the png, but the website won't let me :-(

Says crazy stuff like:

The selected file cbug.png could not be uploaded. The file is 34.01 KB which would exceed your disk quota of 1 MB.

Cheers, Ian.

cbug.txt1.59 KB

Agreed. Could I ask you to

Agreed. Could I ask you to submit a bug report? That way we'll have a permanent record of it, and won't lose sight of it. Thanks.



Cheers, Ian.

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