max num nodes of graph

I am trying to visualize a huge graphs .... starting from 3 milion nodes to 6 milion. Could I visualize it with graphvis c++ ?

Re: max num nodes of graph

Greetings. You could try some experiments with graphviz sfdp, but 3 million nodes is pretty far out there. Check out Yifan Hu's gallery.  For example this example has over 5 million nodes and took about 24 hours to lay out.  There is a search page that you can use to find the larger examples. (It appears the links in the search page are broken; I had to Google "Yifan Hu europe_osm" to find his page for that example.)

You also need to consider how you are going to interactively view a graph with around ten million graphical objects. Most web browsers run out of steam when the DOM tree has just tens of thousands of objects. Graphviz comes with a dedicated viewer in GTK (called smyrna) but it is rough around the edges. (It has a topological fisheye or simplification mode, but I doubt that will be much help on a graph as large as yours, and it does not perform well unless the layout is pretty clean and has mostly short edges.) If you are going to write your own viewer, first try just drawing a million boxes and arrows, and see how well it performs. It is a tough engineering problem.

The beauty of graphs is they are wonderful abstract models for many practical situations, and instead of rendering a five million node graph, why not think about how your problems might be solved by rendering much smaller, more understandable graphs.  

Stephen North



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