Markov chain avoid edge/node overlap

I have created a graph for a markov chain that contains 22 nodes and 74 edges. Both nodes and edges have labels. I produce the .png file using sfdp, but the edges overlap nodes, plus the nodes seem to be to close to each other and the result is really messy. Could anyone provide some feedback on how to resolve these issues.

PS. Apart from this I may have noticed a bug: the labels of edges have to be represented with greek characters (failure rates=>λ & restoration rates=>μ), but after I save, exit and reenter the file in gvedit the characters are altered from λ to Ξ» nd from μ to ΞΌ.

For sfdp, the default is to

For sfdp, the default is to use line segments for edges, so you will get overlap. Try splines=true. And are you using overlap=false. If not, try that. If you still have the nodes too close together, adjust the sep attribute to put more space around the nodes. 

Before doing any of this, though, have you tried using dot for layout? Given what I know about Markov chains, this may be the more appropriate layout algorithm.

Concerning the possible bug, I recall at some point that gvedit had trouble with non-ascii characters, but I thought we fixed that. It would be helpful if you could file a bug report, with a simple example and telling us what you are doing to exhibit the problem. Thanks.

Thanks for your answer. I

Thanks for your answer. I have already did the graph in dot. After reading your comment I tried to apply your advices. I entered overlap=false and I created the png. After that I also inserted splines=true and each time I tried to run the code to get the png file gvedit crashed.

My earlier comment still

My earlier comment still applies. It would be helpful if you could file a bug report, or post the files and a description of what you are doing.

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