Manual install from .zip on Windows: PATH problem?


I've installed Graphviz using the .zip archive (can't run .msi files on my computer)

I've added d:\utils\GraphViz\ to the %PATH%

When I try to run dot.exe from the command line I get:

$ d:/utils/GraphViz/bin/dot.exe -Tpng -o data.png
(dot.exe:6380): Pango-WARNING **: `/target/lib/pango/1.6.0/modules/pango-basic-win32.dll': cannot find the specified module.

So, I guess there's either a config file to edit or more %PATH% to set? Any help greatly appreciated!

I've extracted

I've extracted "" to my C: drive

In order for everything to work right i edited the following file:



My settings file:


Me too.

I am getting the same results.  Any progress?

re: Manual install from .zip on Windows: PATH problem?

I have the same issue.  Were you able to get past it? 

I was able to resolve this

I was able to resolve this issue.

There are 3 files, where path to pango modules specified. I've searched the files and replaced "/target/lib/pango" to "../lib/pango" ~ 90 occurances (3 x 30)

It helped. However, now I got the next issue: 

Warning: Could not load "C:\Apps\Programs\graphviz-2.30.1\bin\gvplugin_pango.dll" - can't open the module

Strange, neato.exe still works and converts .dot files to .ps files.

There were some unwanted

There were some unwanted files being included in the zip package that caused the original warning message. We fixed these. As of today (21 June 2013) the .zip package should work fine by just unzipping it. At least, I was able to put it on a Windows7 machine with no Graphviz and run dot and friends with no warning messages. If you still have problems, let us know.

It doesn't work still.

I have version graphviz-2.30.1 (downloaded today) and the same error :

Pango-WARNING **: `/target/lib/pango/1.6.0/modules/pango-basic-win32.dll': The specified module could not be found.


Please, help!

The changes I mentioned

The changes I mentioned earlier only went into the development snapshot. Please try the zip version of that.