Looking for Graphviz version 2.27.20100818.0445

Dear All,

If anybody aware of the download link for Graphviz v2.27.20100818.0445. Since I am trying to get this version from past couple days. But unable to find this version.

Kindly share the link if anybody knows about old link for graphviz source files.


re: Looking for Graphviz version 2.27.20100818.0445

That was a development snapshot, with sources extracted from the repository at 04:45 (UTC) on August 18, 2010.

We only keep development snapshots (tar,gz) and builds (.srpm, rpm, etc) around for 7 days, so its long gone.

You could probably recreate the sources from the GIT repo by identifying the nearest commit preceeding that time.

The nearest stable versions are:

    2.26.3 - released January 25, 2010

    2.28.0 - release May 6, 2011

these should be available in our archives.



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