Looking for Excel front end (Biographer? where is the downloadable resource?)

Hello, I have been using Graphviz for a while with source data from Excel and dot language generated with formulas but never integrated Excel and dot.exe to automate the whole process. I would like to use an external resources if available to do this and even more (such as providing parametrization means). I understand Biographer could do the job, at least partially, but documentation makes reference to some .zip file that I should download (the Biographer http://www.bioquest.org/esteem/esteem_details.php?product_id=6509 page suggest http://www.graphviz.org for download but I can't find any Biographer resource here). Can somebody help?

Looking at the BioGrapher

Looking at the BioGrapher page, I'm guessing they've removed the link to download their software since a new version is supposed to appear this month. If not, I can't find the link. Certainly, all we have on the Graphviz pages is a link to the BioGrapher site. Your best bet is to contact the BioGrapher authors directly.

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