Linux & Windows Version Dot Output Differences


I'm having an issue understanding this current problem, I have a linux build running graphviz version 2.38.0, and a windows one running version 2.2.1. Below is the output of both of them:

The .dot files are identical. Linux is on the left, Windows is on the right. As you can see there is an arrow on the windows black line which is omitted in the Linux one.

The line in the dot file for creating this arrow has these properties:
style=bold, color=black, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=vee

Is this expected behaviour?

The outputs should be

The outputs should be identical, if all other things are the same, including the Graphviz version numbers. (Is your Windows version really 2.2.1?) In earlier versions of Graphviz, there was some ambiguity about the interplay with the dir, arrowhead and arrowtail attributes. It was resolved that the arrowhead and arrowtail attributes described what would be drawn at the head and tail of an edge, but whether anything is drawn depends on the dir attribute. For directed graphs, the default is dir=forward, so only the arrowhead would be drawn, but nothing would be drawn at the tail, which is what you see in the Linux picture, as arrowhead=none. It is possible your Windows version reflects the older semantics.

You may want to give

You may want to give GraphvizFiddle a try:

It is based on "dot" being cross compiled to JavaScript and layout+display runs in your browser.


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