Limit for sametail/samehead definitions number in DOT ?


I tried to draw hierarchical graphs with dot, involving a limited number of nodes (about 30), but with more than 100 edges and, especially, many edges having to start from same points. So I used "sametail" attribute, but got an error at generation.
Looking for the reason of the failure, I noticed that I got the error if more than 14 "sametail" and/or "samehead" attributes are defined in the dot file I am defining (it works fine with 13 "sametail" definitions, but not over).

This seems to me a very low limit. Has anybody encountered the same and got an explanaition for such a limit in using "sametail" and/or "samehead" attributes ?

Note the I did not encounter the issue with twopi, but I would like to use the dot layout.


Limit for sametail/samehead

See the response to your related posting:
The problem should be arising with 6 different sametail/samehead values on a single node. The total number of such specifications in the graph should be irrelevant. Also note that the sametail/samehead attributes only work with dot. If you need more information or are still having problems, let us know.

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