License: Integrate dot.exe / neato.exe into own software?

Hello, i have looked for some information about integration of compiled versions of neato/dot into an own freeware-project (for research and teaching). Is that possible / possible with particularly license-terms or other additions? Thank you and kind regards from Germany, frieder

License: Integrate dot.exe /

Yes, the Windows version needs to be changed to say EPL rather than CPL.


 Also, be sure that you are not trying to combine software with incompatible licenses.
Graphviz will still be under the EPL, even if it's linked with other code. The GPL explicitly forbids linking with non-GPL'd code, on purpose.  So you wouldn't expect to release your system under the GPL.
Stephen North

License: Integrate dot.exe /

Graphviz is covered by the open-source Eclipse Public License. My impression is that what you want to do is fine, but I'm not a license expert. If you have any concerns, you should check the site

or use the contacts listed there to find someone well-versed in the license.


License: Integrate dot.exe /

When I install the latest windows msi , The first screen says that "Graphviz is covered by the Common Public License Version 1.0. 
Is that a mistake?  I thought EPL applied to the whole project.

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