Layout changes 2.28 vs 2.30


I've been laying out some large networks with fdp. The visualizations were great with 2.28, but they look much different in 2.30 (most likely because I optimized the fdp parameters in 2.28). Were there any substantial changes to the layout algorithms between these versions that could account for the changes? All I could find in the release notes was the addition of curved edge routing. Is there a way to turn this feature off and revert to the 2.28 settings?


I looked over the logs for

I looked over the logs for the fdp source from May 2011 (2.28) to February 2013 (2.30) and I can't see anything significant. The fundamental change from 2.28 to 2.30 was the move to a new base graph library. The regression tests we ran didn't show significant changes. For fdp, you shouldn't be getting curved edges unless you specify this. (But maybe there is some feature I have forgotten about.) If you wish to pursue this, probably the best course is to submit a bug report ( with your input and output for 2.28 and whatever command-line options you are using, so we can try to track it down. Thanks.



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