Laying out a "Community Structure"

Thank you in advance to anyone that can offer advice on this issue. I am trying to layout undirected graphs with nodes ranging from 200 to 2000. Currently I am using FTP (I've also tried SFTP, NEATO), but can change that if that is indeed the problem. I am trying layout my graphs in a "Community Structure". Please see this URL for definition. There is only one diagram on the Wiki page and is exactly what I want. When I try to layout the graphs the different "Communities" get pushed together like Venn diagram. The communities overlap and I would like to pull them apart to see there shape. What I've already tried: • Playing with K, Len, Repulsive, Mode, and Overlap properties • Using CCOMPS - but the problem is that it will just return one graph because there is at least one edge between each "Community" Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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