large HTML labels: very slow and too much space

(As soon as I can login to the bugtracker, I'll post this issue there).

Large HTML labels (tables) have two problems:

1. Take a lot of time to generate. This command takes over 3 minutes 
> dot -Tsvg graph2.gv -o graph2.svg
Same happens for PNG and SVG output.

2. Add too much horizontal space between the columns (see graph2.svg)
This is with the latest snapshot on Windows7
> dot -V dot - graphviz version 2.31.20130602.0447 (20130602.0447)

I attach a test case and the corresponding output. Due to forum limitations do:
ren graph2-in.txt graph2.gv
ren graph2-out.txt graph2.svg

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Both issues are fixed in 2.35.20131020.0445 (20131020.0445), thanks!!!
I attach the new output file "graph2.png". You can see that the table columns in the top left blue node are close together. (In the other blue nodes they are further apart because the first row of these nodes is quite wide)


graph2-in.txt10.33 KB
graph2-out.txt30.22 KB
graph2.png122 KB

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