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I am writing a java application which relies on sfdp/gvmap for graph visualization and Voronoi clustering computation. As I need to reimport the gvmap output (with cluster info) in my java app, I have the following questions:

 - is there a convenient way to import the gvmap DOT output in a java app? Basically a java DOT parser?

 - is there a way to get a JSON output instead of a DOT output? My prefered solution since then it is really straight forward to use data binding libraries to import it (gson, jackson, etc).

Thanks for your help, C.

Someone would have to decide

Someone would have to decide how to map dot to the desired JSON representation. Once that is done, it would be simple to write a converter using gvpr. Also, there is the grappa tool which provides a java-based GUI for Graphviz. It has a java DOT parser built in, though it hasn't been touched for a long time, so it may not reflect some of the newer language tweaks.

Also, you might try searching for dot to json. It's quite possible someone has already done this. Finally, check on the Graphviz Resources page. It is possible one of the applications listed there may provide what you need.

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