Is it possible to display Telugu text using graphviz


I want to display telugu (one of the indian language) text, I have used the following syntax

digraph {
nodea [label ="అ"]

In the command line i used to compile this file with dot -Tps ....etc

It gives the following error
Warning: UTF-8 input uses non-Latin1 characters which cannot be handled by this PostScript driver

how to solve this problem. Please give reply.

Thanking you

The core PostScript renderer

The core PostScript renderer is pretty basic and very old. Since we were more interested in graph layout than in handling fonts and graphics, we assume the Graphviz installation will have a more sophisticated graphics backend, such as cairo/pango or gd. In your case, try typing

  dot -Tps:

The colon will cause dot to print out the various available renderers. For example, I get 

  Format: "ps:" not recognized. Use one of: ps:ps:core ps:cairo:cairo

The ps:ps:core one is the default simple PostScript engine. Use one of the other ones, such as

  dot -Tps:cairo

This will create a PostScript file that will handle your character set.

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