Installing GraphViz to use with a MediaWiki site

HELP! I've given up trying to get GraphViz to work with our mediawiki install and need someone to give me some guidance, please! Installed our wiki on a webserver running MS IIS8.5, php 5.3.28, and MySQL 5.6.19. MediaWiki software (ver 1.23.1) is installed on drive D:, which is a virtualized drive on our web server. I've also installed the MediaWiki GraphViz extension and made edits to our LocalSettings.php file as required in the extension documentation. I've also installed the GraphViz extension into our "extensions" folder in the mediawiki install folder.

In my localsettings.php file I have these statements in this order:

$wgGraphVizSettings->execPath = "D:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz\bin\dot.exe"; //Path to the Graphviz Installation
require_once("$IP/extensions/GraphViz/GraphViz.php"); //includes the extension

After a number of attempts to get this working, I'm down to this: I get an error message when displaying a page (or article) in the wiki of "Graph image creation requires permission to upload" and I'm stumped. The MediaWiki extension documentation says this:
Make sure that write permissions for the "$IP/images" directory are granted.
Make sure that internet users get read/execute access on your executables if you use server installations (especially under Windows).

I've made sure that $wgEnableUploads = true; in the LocalSettings.php file.

I'm very new to the management of the wiki and using extensions so I may have left out some important information here. I would love someone to walk me through the proper way to get this working. I have a ton of legacy pages and users that require GraphViz to work with our Wiki.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Jan

restrictions on loading image files

Greetings.  Not sure this has any relevance, but note there is code in graphviz/lib/common/utils.c in the function safefile() that attempts to detect if Graphviz is running in a web server (by looking for the environment variable SERVER_NAME) and if so, images are limited to directories in GV_FILE_PATH. This was done to limit the vulnerability of web servers to reveal contents of local files.  This code has been there for years, so I doubt there are outstanding conflicts between this and MediaWiki, but it seemed worth pointing out.


same problem here

Hello together,

I have the same problem here!
Please help us with the installation on Windows 2008 Server with MediaWiki hosted in XAMP


Images Folder

I have no way to see your images folder's permissions, but they have to be wide open.

Are you able to upload images to your wiki site manually? Try one (alt-shift-u or click Upload File on the left)


You may not be familiar with linux/unix, but the following shows my images folder is wide open for writing by anyone:

drwxrwxrwx 16 rmc_adm rmc   4096 Oct 23 20:23 images

You will need to do the same in Windoze.

If you are able to upload an image (and it appears in the wiki page), Graphviz should also be able to upload its files to your wiki site.

Let us know!



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