Installation on Windows Server 2012


I'm trying to install Graphviz on a Windows Server 2012 using the MSI installer for 2.38 Windows. On the first look it works fine after defining GRAPHVIZ_DOT system variable to the dot.exe file.

It works if I input an ANSI file: dot -Tpng -test.png

But as I have Japanese chararchter to display I have now change into an UTF-8 file. When executing the same command I get:
Error: syntax error in line 1 near '`[two chararcters I can't type on my keyboard]digraph'

The same error if I add -Gcharset=utf-8 to the command

Have I missed something? By the way: the utf-8 file I have generated with notepad and also with Ultraedit. I have also tried different line end commands.

I have also tried adding the Graphviz2.38\bin folder to Windows Path. No difference as it looks to me.

Thank you for any tipp.

Graphviz assumes UTF-8 input

Graphviz assumes UTF-8 input by default. Based on your error message, your file may contain some non-ascii characters before the string "digraph". You can check to see if this is the case, or post your input so we can look at it,.

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