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Silly me, I now realize that graphviz is an umbrella term that spans the broad range of programs in the graphviz family.  Simply running commands against text files, for example, to create PDFs from graphs, works.  There is no single "graphviz" program.
Hi guys : I have tried 2 methods for installation of graphviz on kubuntu / ubuntu Linux ubuntu 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux 1) First, I tried using "apt-get". This appeared to work at first. But then, I tried typing "graphviz" at the commandline and get a response. I tried using the --reinstall option, and alas, again I saw nothing. 2) On the website, I tried to download graphviz manually here : However I get errors regarding missing dependencys. I see that there are many libs associated with graphviz... I tried manually downloading some of them, but in this case, running the installations gave me dependency conflicts of one sort or another, for example : "Error : Breaks existing package libcdt4". Is there a preferred method for installing ubuntu which would be more robust ?

working ubuntu 12.04 installation

Hi all,
If you intend installing graphviz on ubuntu, try to first check if you have it installed (usually you might already have a minimal installation).
Go to your terminal and type 'locate graphviz' without the quote, if you have it then attempt to run 'sudo apt-get upgrade graphviz' or 'sudo apt-get install graphviz' if the first is unsuccessful.

This worked for me and i Hope this help someone.

Okuboyejo Damilola

Ubuntu 12.04 Installation

Honestly I am rookie both to graphviz and all those weird requrement and libraries, I just want to draw a graph of a couple of nodes in python (networkX) and I found that graphviz is the solution !
Now I am not even able to install it (on ubuntu 12.04), I have tried both deb (via package manager) and tar source files !
As far as I have understood:

'graphviz ... .deb' and 'libgv-python ... .deb' both need 'libgraphviz4_2.29 ... .db'


'libgraphviz4_2.29 ... .db' has conflict with 'libcdt4' and plenty of other libs !!!


then what should I do? I was wondering if you could help me with an step by step guide.


Many Thanks

Ubuntu 12.04 Installation

I am not a ubuntu user, so I'm not sure about the problems with the package manager. John Ellson, who normally handles that, has said it sounds like a previous version of graphviz is already installed and that is creating the conflict. It is difficult to know without more information, so if you want to pursue this route, consider submitting a bug report so we can pursue the details.
As for building from source, is it the actual installation that is causing the problem? If so, consider just doing a local installation. When you run configure, use --prefix=$PWD or something similar. If this doesn't fix the problem, again consider filing a bug report with the log from make and config.log.

try this

graphviz is part of the solution
you want to render the image i use PEAR
Install from LAMP
then install from PEAR 
pear install Image_GraphViz
then run a PHP script like this


require_once 'Image/GraphViz.php';


$gv = new Image_GraphViz();

$gv->addEdge(array('wake up'        => 'visit bathroom'));

$gv->addEdge(array('visit bathroom' => 'make coffee'));

$gv->addEdge(array('visit bathroom' => 'make coffee2'));

$gv->addEdge(array('visit bathroom' => 'make coffee3'));




hope this helps


Bill Ang

We are stuck on graphviz instalation too with ligraphviz4

Yep wierd - we stuck on 10.10 ubuntu

Same story here :(

Same story here :(

Same story here :(

According to John Ellson, "Error : Breaks existing package libcdt4"    sounds like multiple copies of graphviz installed.
Please submit a bug report at
so we can get more information about what the problem is. Thanks.

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