Installation problem from Graphviz source files

I'm trying to install graphviz on RHEL 6. First I tried to install rpm pakages. But it reports required, although zlib-1.2.3 has been installed already. The problem is similar to that reported by jriveramerla in the forum a few days ago.

Anyway, I turn to installation from source files. It seems that the installation completed successful. Howerver, when I use doxygen to generate HTML documents, which calls graphviz's dot to generate graphs, it reports:

Format: "png" not recognized. Use one of: canon cmap cmapx cmapx_np dot ...

I checked that libpng and libpng-devel packages have been installed.

I found on google that someone said this problem is caused by missing package graphviz-gd. But I cannot find its source file on the download page. Or should I add specific option at configure stage?

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re installing from source on rhel6

Your build config looks ok, but did you use "make install" to install?

I'm wondering if "dot -c" was run with installer priviledge, to create:


which catalogs all the working plugins at the time of installation.


Also, if you have previously installed from rpm, please check that doxygen is finding the right copy of "dot" in its PATH.


First, check what output dot

First, check what output dot supports by typing

  dot -Tpng:   # note the colon

 and see what you get. If it reports something like

Format: "png:" not recognized. Use one of: png:cairo:cairo png:cairo:cairo png:cairo:quartz png:cairo:quartz png:quartz:quartz png:quartz:quartz png:cairo:gd png:cairo:gd png:cairo:gdk_pixbuf png:cairo:gdk_pixbuf png:gd:gd png:gd:gd

then your dot can handle png, and doxygen must be picking up a different dot.

If you get the same error that you reported, recheck how you built Graphviz. At the beginning of the Graphviz build, it runs the configure script, which determines what options you want and are available. This is reported at the end. You hope to see something like:

plugin libraries:
  dot_layout:    Yes (always enabled)
  neato_layout:  Yes (always enabled)
  core:          Yes (always enabled)
  devil:         No (missing library)
  gd:            Yes
  gdiplus:       No (disabled by default - Windows only)
  gdk_pixbuf:    Yes
  ghostscript:   Yes
  glitz:         No (disabled by default - incomplete)
  gtk:           Yes
  lasi:          Yes
  ming:          No (disabled by default - incomplete)
  pangocairo:    Yes
  poppler:       Yes
  quartz:        No (disabled by default - Mac only)
  rsvg:          Yes
  visio:         No (disabled by default - experimental)
  webp:          No (disabled by default - experimental)
  xlib:          Yes

If you see either pangocairo or gd supported, this should handle png output. If neither is there, and they are installed, then configure's mechanism for finding them failed and you may need to supply the information via environment variables. Run configure --help for more details.

Installation problem from Graphviz source files

Hi Team,

I am still facing the issue , its breaks with RH6. 

After compilation I got following pligins which includes gd. The configure options I have provided below, I tried to install in a repository.

For local installation in /usr/bin in RH6 its working fine. BASE_DIR is pwd and DESTROOT is location of repo.

plugin libraries:
  dot_layout:    Yes (always enabled)
  neato_layout:  Yes (always enabled)
  core:          Yes (always enabled)
  devil:         No (missing library)
  gd:            Yes
  gdiplus:       No (disabled by default - Windows only)
  gdk:           Yes
  gdk_pixbuf:    Yes
  ghostscript:   No (missing headers)
  glitz:         No (disabled by default - incomplete)
  gtk:           Yes
  lasi:          No (lasi library not available)
  ming:          No (disabled by default - incomplete)
  pangocairo:    Yes
  poppler:       No (poppler library not available)
  quartz:        No (disabled by default - Mac only)
  rsvg:          No (rsvg library not available)
  visio:         No (disabled by default - experimental)
  webp:          No (disabled by default - experimental)
  xlib:          Yes

  ./configure \
        --prefix=$DESTROOT \
        --program-suffix=-$VERSION \
        --enable-static \
        --enable-shared \
        --enable-java=no \
        --enable-lua=no \
        --enable-guile=no \
        --enable-python27=yes \
        --with-sysroot=${BASE_DIR}/lib \
        --with-gnu-ld=${BASE_DIR}/bin/ld \
        --with-tclsh=${BASE_DIR}/bin/tclsh \
        --with-wish=${BASE_DIR}/bin/wish \
        --with-extraincludedir=${BASE_DIR}/include \
        --with-extralibdir=${BASE_DIR}/lib \
        --enable-ltdl \
        --with-ltdl-include=${BASE_DIR}/include \
        --with-ltdl-lib=${BASE_DIR}/lib \
        --with-libgd=yes \
        --with-gdincludedir=${DESTROOT}/include \


Any help is much approciated.



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