Install 2.26.3 without admin rights? Can a zip file be made available

I am trying to install the (free) Essential Enterprise Architecture tool, which uses Graphviz as a reporting engine. My work machine (Windows7 64bit) doesn't have admin rights and it is a pain to justify getting an admin to install software for us.

However Essential EA needs a specific version (2.26.3) and there is a warning that later versions (for which there is a no-admin zip) don't work.

2.26.3 only has a .msi (which needs admin rights) but no zip.

Can a no-admin zip be provided for 2.26.3? Will a no-admin install of the .msi work with some "assistance" after the fact? Or is my best approach to install on my home machine (which is similar version of windows) and zip up the directory? Is there a list of registry edits that can be put into a hand-rolled .reg file to finish the job? The rest of Essential should be installable without admin rights (A suitable Java VM is already on the machine)

It appears we didn't start

It appears we didn't start providing .zip versions until 2.30. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to a Windows machine, so there is no way would put together a 2.26 .zip from scratch. Your best bet is to look around for a procedure or tool that will extract the files without requiring special directories or permissions. It appears you can use 7zip, lessmsi, and msiexec to do this. 

Analysing and extracting the msi, and comparing 2.26 to 2.38 zip

Thanks for the update.

I've spent some time noodling around the 2.26.3 .msi using an analysis programme called lessmsi, and "watching" an install using Zsoft Uninstaller (which reported a lot of changes and was somewhat unconclusive)

Here is what I have found:

  • Only installs files to C:\Program Files (x86), not to c:\windows or anywhere else.
  • Registry changes seem to be limited to
    • Path environment variable: adding C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.26.3\bin to the end
    • Usual changes for adding to program menu
    • Usual changes for adding to installed software list (and registration for security updates for common components i. e. Microsoft Studio 2005 C++ Runtimes..vc80)
    • Can't easily confirm if it registers a file type for explorer, I'm assuming not.

I've used lessmsi to extract the files from the .msi and zipped them up to install on my locked down computer.

I can't try an install on my locked down computer at the moment (not at work) but will update once I have done so.


Thanks for the update....

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