image_graphviz and graphviz don't save images in my machine

Hi, I am using graphviz-2.38.I've identified two problems for now using this tool: the first is that when I include a path for an image (cloud.png) to be used as a node, I receive the errors "Warning: No such file or directory while opening Cloud.jpg" and "Warning: No or improper image="Cloud.jpg" for node "sw2"" (sw2 is the name of the node which will bear the image cloud.jpg). The second problem is that when I run an entry file with graphviz, it displays an image on the GUI, but doesn't save this file. When I check the location where the output is supposed to have been generated it is absent.
In the same light, I have PEAR installed in WAMP and I got graphviz library image_graphviz. But when I run the PHP script:
require_once '/../Image_GraphViz/Image_GraphViz-1.3.0/Image/GraphViz.php';

$gv = new Image_GraphViz();
$gv->addEdge(array('wake up' => 'visit bathroom'));
$gv->addEdge(array('visit bathroom' => 'make coffee'));
no image displays on my browser (all other stuffs included in the html page shows, but not the generated graph).
In the same light, when I try to run a PHP file without using image_graphviz no image is created, and no image is displayed on my browser. This script ends with
exec("dot -T$type");
echo "";
Please I need help, because I've been trying to fix these problems for one month now and I'm already discouraged.

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