I need a direction is someone could help

I visited a website called malwareViz.com They used SVG and I'm guessing something from this site to map out how malware worked and things that it did. I wanted to know if someone could take a look at their examples and explain how I could do something similar?

Creating the graph depends on

Creating the graph depends on the domain and what semantics you want to capture. You just decide what nodes should represent, and which nodes are connected by an edge to other nodes. You can also decide which nodes should be clustered together (the boxes in the pictures). Once you made these choices, the rest is easy. You write your graph in the dot language, deciding which visual attributes to associate with the various types of nodes and edges. You can also attach urls and tooltips to nodes and edges. You then run the graph through dot -Tsvg and view the output.

As the output is in svg, you can also integrate it with additional svg or javascript to extend the interactivity any way you want.

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