HTML to SVG with object id

Hi all Help me please, In html added ID for nodes (example: id="common"), arrows (example: id="common_internal"), tables (example: id="croc_document_common") and some table rows or cell (example: id="case_creator_id"). After converting to svg, i lost id for tables, rows or cells. These ids need for future use javascript. How i can transfer to svg id for different objects of html DOM. I wanna get svg as in the example, with id for polygon and text


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Re: HTML to SVG with object id

You've encountered bug # 2197 - unfortunately, not yet fixed.  However, there seems to be a workaround.  Add HREF="xxxx" to each HTML element that also has an ID and the ID will show up in the svg output.  For example:

    <TABLE BGCOLOR="#FFFFCC" BORDER="0" HREF="qqqq" id="croc_document_common">


  <g id="a_croc_document_common"><a xlink:href="qqqq" xlink:title="&lt;TABLE&gt;">



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