How to use Graphviz from Tcl (on Windows)

I downloaded and installed Graphviz2.38 but any reference to Tcl is missing:
- in the file .../Graphviz2.38/share/graphviz/doc/html/index.html all links to Tcl-related pages (tcldot, gdtclft.n, tcldot.n, tkspline.n) are broken,
- tcldot.exe (I found a mention of this program somewhere via Google).

Maybe this version of Graphviz was built without support for Tcl? If so, what version would include this support?

Some examples of use would also be of interest.

Thanks in advance

Re: How to use Graphviz from Tcl (on Windows)

Greetings. Sorry about the problems. We don't have project files for recent versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, so we can't really maintain the Windows builds any more.  If someone wants to contribute them, we can probably work on some of these issues. We tried to port the old project files, but it broke the conversion tool (or the conversion tool broke the project). 

Stephen North


Re: How to use Graph from Tcl (on Windows)

Hi Stephen,

sorry for the delay - I had understood that I would get an email when there was an answer.

Hm, that's bad news.

- Are there older releases from Graphviz available?

- At what release did the build fail?



There never has been a

There never has been a Windows package containing the tcl software. In all of these years, you are the first to request it. Unfortunately, as Stephen noted, we no longer have access to a Windows machine, so we can't even provide updated releases or bug fixes. We would love to have some help with this.

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