How to use GraphViz in iOS code?

Hi, guys,
I'm new in GraphViz. I downloaded and compiled GraphViz on mac. Running command to draw a pdf from a dot text file works. Now I want to draw a network graph in iOS (iPad) using GraphViz library, but it looks not easy to find how to do it. Can someone shed a light on this for me? Thanks!


Are you talking about getting

Are you talking about getting Graphviz running on iOS, or about how to do a graph drawing using Graphviz as a library? If the former, I don't know what is involved but I know people have looked into it. Search for "graphviz ios" and you should find some tips.

If the latter, it is fairly easy. Since you have the source, take a look at some of the small programs in dot.demo. A full description of using Graphviz as a library is in If you need to use java, you will need to use a library providing java bindings for the library. We provide a swig-based one with Graphviz; others can be found at

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