How to specify the maximum distance between several nodes (plaintext)

Sorry for my poor english...
I generate a tree with 2 levels of nodes. By clicking on a node, I re-generate the tree with a third level but only expanding the branch of that node. And so on...
The last level is composed of more than 15 nodes. So I would like to present them as a list (plaintext) without a large separation as drawn by default. I precise that I  I need to link each node to a URL.
How can I do that ? Thanks in advance for your reply !
Best regards
PS: I use for now dot

How to specify the maximum

I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do. You might want to attach a picture of what you have, and explain how it should be done differently, or attach a sketch of what you want.
If by plaintext, you mean you don't want any shape drawn around the node, use shape=none.
The nodesep attribute determines how much space is left between nodes. You can make the packing even tighter by using the margin attribute to reduce the space left around the node label. Also, the height and width attributes specify a minimum size, so you can make these smaller.
As for attaching a URL, just give the node a URL or href attribute, and use cmapx, imap or svg for output. For more information about using the first two, see

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