how to setup

Apology for the beginner's question. I downloaded v.2.34 for windows and unzipped it. However, I can't find a setup.exe to install the program. Could someone help me with this? Thanks lot!

If you downloaded and

If you downloaded and unzipped the .zip package, there is nothing else to do. The zip package is there for people who don't want to, or can't, run the usual .msi install package. In fact, the .msi package doesn't do much beyond providing a GUI and unzipping the software and adding a link to Graphviz in the main program menu. In particular, the .msi package does not modify the PATH variable in the registry to include the directory containing the Graphviz binaries. If you need this, you have to do it manually.

Bottom line: If you unzipped the package in, say, C:\users\wu, that directory should contain the directory graphviz2.34\bin, and that directory contains all of the binaries. You can double-click on gvedit to get the simple GUI interface or run the command C:\users\wu\graphviz2.34\bin\dot in a DOS shell.