How to install graphviz in a mediawiki?

I would like to use the mediawiki extension:Graphical Category Browser and therefore I have to install Graphviz.
1. Install Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software.
2. Download script and copy to extensions.
3. Correct $xyDotPath and $xyCategoriesCache to Your needs.
4. Create directory images/xyGraphvizCache
5. Add the following line to LocalSettings.php require_once("$IP/extensions/xyCategoryBrowser/xyCategoryBrowser.php");
I just have no idea which version of Graphviz I have to download and how to install it on my mediawiki server.
The server is hosted by siteground and I read the using CentOS.
I hope somebody can help me, thanks in advance.


Re: which distro version ...

You can find the distribution version of any RHEL, Centos, or Fedora installation from:

    cat /etc/redhat-release

I recommend that you use yum for the install, otherwise you will spend days tracking down the dependencies.


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