How to get coords from labels for html

Hello, it is my first project with graphviz and I hope you can help me.
I have a matrix in excell with a nxn relatonship and wants to display as an
digraph. At the edges I want to have some labels and I want to display it in
the IE (so svg is not working).
So I collect all datas from the excell sheet and create the input file for dot. The outputfile is a png and a an imap file. I thought I can get the coords for the labels from the imap file, but tis was not totally correct.
Now I have the result that I build a html file with a map area where I have to give the coords for the labels out of the imap file but the relationship to the label is missing. When I point to the edges I always see a label but it is not the coorect one. I hope you understand my problem.
Which type of output I have to use to get the relationship between coords and labels to build it in an map area (where I need 4 coords for every label) so that I can click on the png in the IE browser? Or is there a direct way to create a html fle from graphviz?
Thanks for your help
PS: I added the files, I changed the names all to txt files:
Graph.txt is the input file
imap.txt is Graph.imap the output file of -Timap
html.txt is the Graph.html where I want to show the informations in the browser. Everything is working without error. The problem is that I don't have any relationships between the data from the imap file and the edges in the html file.

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imap.txt879 bytes
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How to get coords from labels

These types of questions don't work very well using forums, given the limited facilities for exchanging pictures and information. It would be helpful in understanding your problem if you could provide the input file, and your map and png output, and describe what you do with this that doesn't work as expected. A useful format for this is the bug report system:
Please file a bug report with the necessary information. Thanks.

How to get coords from labels

Hello Emden,
I added the files in the original entry. I can't send you a bugreport because everything is working fine. The problem is that there is no relationship between the coords from the imap file and the positions of the edges in the html file. The coords are all correct but I don't know which coord is for which edge.
Is there any way to create files with dot that have a relationship between coords and the edges in the picture? I can't use svg
Thanks yummi

How to get coords from labels

My philosophy is that if you have a problem, that's a bug. Using the bug report system also encourages you to provide most of the relevant info.
I'm a little confused by your files. Your imap.txt file is a server-side map file produced by -Timap, but your HTML file shows a client-side map usage. Where did this client-side map come from? If you did this by hand, try using -Tcmapx instead. This should give you the information you need. In particular, you can add an id attribute to your edges to differentiate them. This id will be used in the map file, so you will have a connection between map info and the original edge.
If you already are using -Tcmapx, you must have a very old version of graphviz and should update it.
As an example, I added id=foo to the first edge in your graph, and ran dot -Tcmapx. The map file contains the following related to that edge:
<area shape="poly" id="foo" title="zu 1a in Zeile 4&#013;zu 1b in Zeile 4&#013;zu 1c in Zeile 4&#013;zu 1d in Zeile 4 von Simulation_des_Verkehrsflusses_in_Braunschweig nach Referenzstrecken_der_Region_Braunschweig_virtuell&#013;" alt="" coords="513,239,658,221,1062,178,1063,183,659,227,513,244"/>
<area shape="rect" id="foo-label" href="Q:\Arbeit\Schnittstellen_Matrix/Graph.html" title="Simulation_des_Verkehrsflusses_in_Braunschweig nach Referenzstrecken_der_Region_Braunschweig_virtuell" alt="" coords="668,175,1025,184"/>

Thats it :-)

Thank you erg,
because of your hints I have solved my problem.
Many Thanks

Thats it

Thank you erg,
bevause of your hints I have solved the problem.
Many Thanks yummi

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