How to generate diagrams using Graphviz and Doxygen.

I have installed Doxygen for matlab code structure analysis for that I want to generate some UML digrams from the Doxygen,so that I have additionally installed the tool called Graphviz 2.28 but I dont know, using this tool how to generate the graph How should I connect Graphviz to Deoxygen? somebody please guide me to achive this result...

Note :
1. I have generated a html document by loading my matlab code into doxygen?
2. There are options in Doxygen tool to plot different graphs (use dot tool from Graphviz package).

3. My OS is Windows XP 32 bit
Thanks in advance.

How to generate diagrams

Someone reading this forum may have an answer (indeed, our web site has a Doxygen view of Graphviz generated daily), but you may be better served by contacting people in the Doxygen community, who would be more likely to know how Doxygen uses Graphviz.

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