How do I make horizontal "-Gmode=hier"?

I want levels flow horizontally, like in instead of vertically like in `-Grankdir=LR`. How to do it?

At present, it is not easily

At present, it is not easily possible. If you are drawing the nodes as points, or don't care if the text is rotated, you can set landscape=true. You can also arrange to use xlabels for the nodes and get appropriate text.  If, however, you want non-point nodes and non-rotated text, that would take some work.

Is the horisontal hier

Is the horisontal hier planned? I expect it to be something like "swap x and y and it'll become horisontal".

Swapping x and y is

Swapping x and y is sufficient if the nodes are shaped as points or you don't care about rotated text. Hence, my previous comment about using landscape=true. If these conditions aren't true, it is more complicated. It can probably be roughly done by using gvpr to get the rotation, and then piping the output to neato -n.

There is no current plan to support a horizontal hier mode.

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