How to create nodes in a vertical column?

How to create nodes in a

There is the pos attribute but dot only uses that for output. At present, the dot model does not support the explicit specification of nodes in a column (as opposed to nodes in a row which can be done using rank=same). The best that can be offered at present is to connect the nodes in a chain (add invisible edges if an edge doesn't exist) and give the edges in the chain very high weights.
We hope to provide column specification in a bit but it is taking longer than expected.


Ok, thanks for the info.
So, for a three column graph, do I need to connect the nodes within a column with edges with very high weights?
And, the connections between columns with lower weights?



That's the best I can offer, but if you have a complex graph, the columns may be still tangled after crossing reduction, so the final result may not reflect what you want.

can subgraphs be used?

Would it help to group the nodes you want in a column using the subgraph statement?

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