How to convert B-Spline to Bezier

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---------- code -----------

graph 1 0.75 1.5
node n 0.375 1.25 0.75 0.5 n solid ellipse red red
node m 0.375 0.25 0.75 0.5 m solid ellipse black lightgrey
edge n m 4 0.375 0.99579 0.375 0.88865 0.375 0.7599 0.375 0.64045 solid black

---------- end ------------

The curve format is given in B-Spline, but I need convert it to Bezier curve (Because no support B-Spline). How to do?

For our purposes, a B-spline

For our purposes, a B-spline is a series of overlapping cubic Beziers with the property that  the last point of one Bezier is the first point of the next, and that the lines determined by the last two points in one Bezier and first two points in the next are the same. So B-splines will always have 3*n + 1 points. To draw a spline, draw the cubic Bezier determined by the first 4 points, then take the last point and the next four points and draw that cubic Bezier. Continue until you run out of points.

For your example above, you just have 4 points, so just draw the single cubic Bezier determined by those four points.


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