How to avoid crossing in planar graph (`dot', 2.38.0, macports)


After trying to use clusters and they just did not show at all, I found out that I have to use `graph [newrank = true]', now my cluster shows up as expected (see .txt).

However, now `dot' generates an edge crossing (see .png), whereas the layout can be easily changed to avoid it (changing the *column* of "B -> Ba" with that of "F".

Following hints of this forum, I have also tried different combinations of edge attribute `[constraint = false]', but to no avail.

Any hints?

test-rank.txt640 bytes
test-rank.gv_.png62.98 KB

no code in released version counts flat edge crossings

We're really sorry, but don't see an obvious way to overcome this glitch.  Someone suggested a kickstarter project to support and extended Graphviz, for example to incorporate some published algorithm (or find a simple heuristic) to avoid flat edge crossings. (I thought we had coded this, but it's obviously not there.) The core team have left AT&T Labs and don't have much time for support.


Seriously, guys, nobody can help?

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