How to add a "hump" to crossing edges

I am looking for a way to add "humps" where edges overlap like in this picture
I am fairly sure that I saw a graphviz-generated drawing with these once, but I could not find any info on it.

I can't remember Graphviz

I can't remember Graphviz ever offering this as a feature, but maybe someone will refresh my memory.

In any case, it is not available now but would be fairly easy to do during post-processing, assuming you draw the edges as line segments. (It would be possible using other edge types, with varying degrees of difficulty, mostly involving finding where edges intersect.)

Re: How to add a "hump" to crossing edges

That's a fun idea, but we've never had that in Graphviz. There's no code to do that. It would be an interesting project. To make it robust you'd have to detect cases where it's infeasible to draw a hump. For example, what if a spline turns very sharply. What if a lot of splines cross in about the same place. etc. 

Stephen North


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