Help! How to custom graphviz lines (not arrow)?

I want to custom graphviz lines shape . But i just found the way to custom node shape, none for line shape. is any one can help me? Thanks.


Graphviz provides a small

Graphviz provides a small collection of ways to draw edges. See the splines attribute.

In addition, their are many attributes that affect the look of edges. See any attribute listed in the table at that has an E in the Used By column. The most important edge attributes for appearance are color, penwidth and style.

I want more and more ...

Splines are just a lines. I want to make lines some additional info. For example , i will place a ">" under the line or at left of the line. And the direction of ">" must be same as line arrow's direction.  I use ">" as content of line's label. If the line is a H line is fine, but V line is not. V line's arrow direction is bottom, but ">" direction is left. So I need draw line  myself using postscript lanuage. But there is no way to apply shapes to line. is it?

Well, there should be an

Well, there should be an awful lot you can do with edge labels, headlabels and taillabesls. And some applications will artificially divide a line into two parts and stick a vertex in the middle with its label or lack providing info. And there are other tricks you can do via post-processing. But beyond the artifacts shown in the documentation, there is nothing else at present. It might help to give an example of what you a trying to do and what is going wrong. Someone may suggest a method, or what you want may be general enough to be added.

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