GVEDIT 1.01 - Configure editor font?

I want to change the font for the GVEDIT 1.01 editor - is this possible? If so how?

GVEDIT 1.01 - Configure

Gvedit can, in principle, support any font, but at present, there is no mechanism by which the user can set this. Consider submiting a feature request at

is there posible to use tamil font in this software?

is there posible to use tamil font in this software?

I realize I wasn't clear in

I realize I wasn't clear in my previous response. The font used in the editor itself is fixed, but the application could obviously be fixed to allow the user to specify the font. On the other hand, if you are talking about the font used in the graphs themselves, yes, you can change this by setting the fontname attribute for a node/edge/graph, or by using the <FONT> element in HTML-like labels. How fontnames are resolved depends on how your Graphviz system was built. Typically, this is done using the pango library, which in turn depends on something like fontconfig. As for setting the fontname, this can be done directly in the graph's text view, or you can click on the Settings icon and set the value globally.

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