GraphViz Tree on two pages in LaTeX


I use the graphviz package in Latex, and the tree i am trying to create is large than the page, and when setting the scale to 0.3 the tree fits on the page but it is impossible to read the values of the nodes, i was thus wondering if there was a way to be able to create the tree and make it overflow on a second page.

Thank you.

There are two simple ways.

There are two simple ways. One is to set the page attribute and use -Tps. This will produce multiple postscript pages each containing part of the whole. The downside of this is that it only works with the core postscript renderer. This doesn't handle non-Latin1 characters unless you have lasi. In addition, it splits the picture so that the pages could be taped together. This means some pages may have large margins. You would have to correct for this when including the image.

The other simple way is to use the viewport attribute. You can use this twice to split the original drawing in half, or any way you want.

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